We at Beyond Band of Brothers Tours
proudly announce our new project
in Normandy

Battle of Bloody Gulch Memorial Park and
Beyond Band of Brothers Hotel, Carentan

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June 6, 2019, Carentan, Normandy

Embarking on a new mission...

We believe that visiting the battlefields where so many Americans fought and died is the best way to keep the memory of their sacrifice alive. D-Day took place 75 years ago, but the war's memory is still alive and relevant to those whose parents' and grandparents' lives were affected by it. Over our decade of organizing and conducting our history tours in Normandy, we came to believe that we must act locally if we want to preserve this past for distant future generations. The areas around the U.S. landing sectors of Utah and Omaha have less developed tourism infrastructure and fewer well-preserved historical sites than the Commonwealth sectors of Gold, Juno and Sword. Our goal and duty is to improve the representation of the American contribution in the region.

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BBoB hotel

Hotel Features

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Beyond Band of Brothers Hotel

  • 200 rooms
  • 3x5000 sqm

Our four-star hotel will be built on a 55,000 sq m (592,000 sq ft) plot near the historical center of Carentan, at the site of the Battle of Bloody Gulch.

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Visit Normandy and we give you the experience of a lifetime

The landing beaches of D-Day are something you should see at least once in your life.

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